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Week starting Mar 13, 2011

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Hope Mills,NC,USA

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May 12, 2009



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78.6 miles at Hinson Lake 24 hour ultra 2013

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Mike to Mike Marathon- May 2014

Hinson Lake 24 hour ultra -Fall 2014

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Run till the day I die and still enjoy it

Comrades---long, long, long term



2 children

2 chickens


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It is so beautiful outside here!  I couldn't stay indoors and miss being out in the wonderful world.  We went on a bike ride.  Found a new back road route that took us on a 3 county trip. 

We rode by and saw "Treasure"....still hanging out in his box.  Then around mile 9 we rode by a field where they were flying model planes.  It wasn't easy riding in a straight line while my eyes were on the plane flying around.  It's nice to see people out enjoying spring.

We ended up going around 24 miles.  The ride home was into the wind which wasn't as much fun as riding out, but it was all good.  Enjoying the new bikes and lovely rides.  We don't really go very fast, our avg pace was 12.9 mph.  A guy passed us on his bike at one point...he was really going somewhere.  We were enjoying the day.


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Oh my.  4:30 am is really tough when my body still thinks it's 3:30 am.  So I slept in till 5.  We had to compromise.

5 miles.  First mile was slow...10:18.  Then I had a 9:08 and progressed up to an 8:20. 

No time for abs rippers or shredding... I needed a nap after my shower, so maybe I'll get something else done later.  Maybe not.  We'll have to see what the gods have in store for me today!

New Minuno Pink Miles: 5.00
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cardio X and ab ripper. 

I really wanted to sleep in because I'd been up all night and I don't know why!

But I got up and did the workout & I was glad I did.  It's not really a tough workout compared to the plyo or the kenpo, but I was still sweating like a pirate by the end. 

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My husband sent me to bed early last night because I was walking around like a glossy eyed zombie who hadn't had enough sleep.

This morning I look like a glossy eyed zombie that has had enough sleep!

It had just finished raining and was humid, but only 55 degrees, so it was perfect weather for a light jacket.  My glasses fogged up, and I ran in a couple of puddles, but what the heck, it's all good.

The cow pastures smelled like manure today.  Some days I don't smell them at all, but today was a different story.  Maybe the rain and the warmer temps.  So that was my treasure for the morning :-)

Avg pace 8:56.  My legs feel so strange running in the cheetah pants- the compression feels strange.  I wonder if it's the extra blood flow that's been giving me headaches... maybe it's not allergies after all.... hhhhmmmmm...

New Minuno Pink Miles: 6.06
Total Distance

Went with MR to run laps at the park while the littlest buccaneer went to seminary.  We only got .46 in when his heel was hurting too much for him to run.  I decided I'd just walk with him and run a little after school while she's in art club.  Maybe I'll try the bleachers.

Cooler morning today, but clear skies- the stars were a treat to see.  It's easier to enjoy them walking on a paved path than when I'm running on the road and need to keep my eyes on the pavement.


New Brooks Miles: 0.46
Total Distance

Well, I finally got those miles in from yesterday.  Had to head out early so I could be ready in time to pick up seminary buccaneer and take her out for breakfast.

I do not recommend arby's breakfast hash browns.  Oh Ick!  No amount of arby's sauce could kill that mess. 

Avg pace was 9:09.  I tried to keep my pace between 9:30 & 9:00.  Mission accomplished. 


New Brooks Miles: 5.10
Total Distance

Six easy miles.  Beautiful last day of winter!  Ran with MR, so he set the pace.  9:50-9:00 was our range.  I was disapointed that my knee started popping around mile 3.5.  It did it a couple of times and I stopped to stretch out my quad and I tightened my knee band.  Still popped a could of times more on the way home, but not as bad. 

Tired of knee problems.  Want to run free.

After a quick break at home and a wardrobe change, we headed out for our 4 county bike ride.  I've been wanting to do it for a while now, and today was the perfect day!!  Beautiful ride out in the country among the farms and fields.  We went from Cumberland, to Robeson, to Hoke, back to Robeson, then through Bladen, Cumberland, Robeson, and finally back to Cumberland County.  It was 40 miles in all..just around 3 hours.  We weren't breaking any speed records, just enjoying the ride.

My legs were tired and sore though.  Felt like mile 20 in the marathon when we still had 5 miles till home.  And for some strange reason, we were in some kind of twilight zone vortex where no matter which direction we were riding, the wind was blowing in our faces.  It was always blowing head on...and we rode in a circle!! 

It was a productive treasure hunt day, however.  MR was the treasure hunter extrodinaire.  The first find was a broken statue in the field.  He was able to rescue the part that had the head with a basket on top of it.  Fit in his backpack perfectly.  That would have been treasure enough, but fate had more in store for us on this trip.

I was headed up the overpass and really focused on pedaling strong into the wind as I went uphill, so I never heard him yell out, "What the CRAP is that?" I didn't see that he had stopped and turned around to pick up another treasure.  All I knew was that when I had finally reached the bottom of the overpass, I turned around to see where he was, and he was just cresting the top of the hill.  It made me mad because I had to pull over and stop and wait for him.  I was feeling really grouchy about all of it, and was ready to make some comment about "thanks for making me lose my momentum" when he rode up on his bike, and as he passed me, I saw that there were 2 long barbie legs with white stiletto heels poking up out of the back of his bag.  It made me laugh and I just couldn't be grouchy looking at those silly long legs poking out the top of his bag.  He'd found a Spanish Dancing Barbie..complete with a wire hoop skirt and fan.  It was certainly a perfect treasure and I'm glad he got it.  He rode the rest of the time with those barbie legs sticking out the top of his bag. 

We stopped for a snack at McDonalds at mile 24.  Nice break.  Want to get attention?? Wear biking shorts to McDonalds.  It's like wearing a huge red blinking light that says "Stare at my legs!"

We saw a few other treasures on the way home that wouldn't fit in the backpack.  There was a stuffed my little pony, a bratz doll head that you can style the hair on, and 1/2 a lazy-boy recliner.  (It is important to note that he wanted to make sure I got the mattress in the background).

My legs were sore the rest of the day, but it was all worth it.  I'm not sure I'll be going on rides that long again for a while, but I'm glad I had a chance to do it when it was so beautiful outside.

New Minuno Pink Miles: 6.00
Total Distance
New Minuno Pink Miles: 17.06New Brooks Miles: 5.56
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