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December 2009

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Hope Mills,NC,USA

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May 12, 2009



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78.6 miles at Hinson Lake 24 hour ultra 2013

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Mike to Mike Marathon- May 2014

Hinson Lake 24 hour ultra -Fall 2014

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Run till the day I die and still enjoy it

Comrades---long, long, long term



2 children

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Dreamy New Balance Lifetime Miles: 402.57
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Mizuno Miles: 127.44NB Trail Miles: 8.16New-zuno 9's Miles: 7.75
Total Distance

20 min elliptical

3 miles run

I wasn't prepared for the cold weather..I had my shorts on, and I'm really glad that I did the elliptical first to warm up, because my legs were frosty on the run. My outdoor thermostat read 37 degrees.

9:45-9:00 pace increasing w/mileage

Mizuno Miles: 3.00
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Total Distance

Had a tooth ground down to a stump for a crown last night.  Traumatic for me emotionally and physically.  It was my first crown rodeo.  :-(

So I didn't sleep well, and rationalized my sleeping in because I figured I needed to heal.  Looking back, I don't think I really needed the rest, but I thought it was a good excuse at the time.

I did 20 min on the elliptical.  If it's not a thunderstorm after work, maybe I'll try and get my tempo in then.

I did enjoy the fact that I got to eat a vanilla frosty for dinner last night.  It was great except for the fact that I had to carry around a towel to wipe the drips off my face because I couldn't keep the food in my mouth. 

Total Distance

I got my run in today. It was 59 degrees with 84% humidity outside when I went out at 5 am. I'm never sure whether to wear shorts & a t-shirt or pants & a coat. I guess I need to keep a better eye on the weather forecast. Did the same old 4 mile loop. It's getting boring. I feel like I need a new running venue. paces were: 9:54(warm up mile), 7:45(fast mile), 10:07(1/2 mile recovery jog), 7:50(fast mile), ???(1/2 mile recovery jog...I pushed off instead of lap), 9:47(cool down mile), 9:54(.17 to get home). My fast miles were faster than I'd anticipated. I had only planned on trying to keep an 8:30 pace. My garmin wasn't set up for this run, so I just ran fast figuring I'd get at least an 8:30. It was hard running the 7:45 pace, and I felt kind of icky right afterward, but when I got home, I was feeling good and happy about what I'd accomplished. I could tell when I started out on my first fast mile that my knee wasn't used to that kind of speed. It was talking to me for the first 1/4 of that fast mile. I think it was trying to tell me that I need to work on my physical strengthening exercises more and build my quads up. I've been really slacking on them. The little dog that I had to spray last month was out again this morning. I just kept running while his owner was standing there yelling at him to come back. The dog chased after me for 2 houses, then went back. I'd forgotten my spray, or I would have given him a little mist. The guy knows I'm out in the morning, yet he still takes his dog out front without a leash.........and he knows the dog chases me. Frustrating.

Did 4 full laps with bleachers on both sides after school.  It was 22 minutes.  I don't know for sure the mileage, but I added 2 miles to my running total.  It was a tough workout!

Mizuno Miles: 7.17
Total Distance

Didn't sleep too well.  I think I'm getting a chest cold.  Tried to go to bed early, but the Office and 30 Rock kept me awake.  They were great last night.  The hour before was great too.  I guess I spent 2 hours laying in bed watching tv instead of sleeping.  I didn't have energy to do anything else.  Sounds pathetic when I put it in writing.

Wanted to do an easy day today, so I did a 10 min elliptical warm up, then a 2 mile easy run.  41o outside.  I wore my shorts outside, but it was okay since I'd already warmed up on the elliptical.  Mile 1 was 10:48, mile 2 was 10:47.

10 miles are on the agenda for tomorrow.  Rain in the forecast....ick.

Mizuno Miles: 2.14
Total Distance

Not feeling well.  Basic lack of energy and chest congestion. 

Went out to see what I could do.  Got to run in a new area by Sealey's house. We almost didn't get started because I was afraid to get out of the car.  Her four fowl birds ran up to the car when we drove up, and I was afraid to get out.  I didn't want to get pecked.  After we found out they're just stupid birds, I had to laugh at myself. 

 It was fun hearing the stories about all the neighbors that lived nearby.  Real country living down there!  There was a bridge/overpass that is being worked on, so we got to run on it w/o any traffic.  I just didn't have any energy.  Sealey had already run 7, and was just topping off her mileage with us.  The 3.74 was really all I could do.  I was getting dizzy and could tell it was time to quit.

47o   87% humidity

Mizuno Miles: 3.74
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Total Distance

Slept most of the day yesterday, and 8 hours last night.  Felt awake and good this morning.

It was 33-35o on the run with 85% humidity.  But it felt pretty dry to me.  I bundled up and stayed warm running.  It really felt good to run and to be out in the cool, crisp air.

I started slow with a 9:48 warm up, then kept the other miles at around a 9:30.  I was supposed to run 6 miles for my "training", but I slept in and didn't have time.  5:15-6:05 am.

Mizuno Miles: 5.30
Total Distance

Chest congestion is still here.  I thought it was going away, so I didn't take my meds last night.  I woke up this morning sorry. 

3 miles at a faster than usual pace.  I was literally running short on time. 9:16, 8:48, 8:43.  I'll be doing more this afternoon on the bleachers/track.

It's fun to see the holiday decorations up.  Some houses really go crazy with those blow up yard decorations.  One of the houses I run by actually has a blow up yard decoration that plays the Nutcracker Suite music.  I can't imagine what that's like listening to it play all night long.  I think it might give me bad dreams about ballet class.

37o out this morning.  Partial cloud cover.  It was warmer today than yesterday, but my breath created a lot more fog today than yesterday....I wonder why?

After work, I went out for a quick bleacher work-out.  I got 2 sets done, but it was starting to rain, and the bleachers were getting wet.  I didn't want to slip on them, so I just finished out running around the track, and running back out to the car.  It was a quick, but hard workout.

12:07 pace for the two bleacher laps (.72 miles), then 8:58 for the next mile on the track and 9:02 for the last .18.

Mizuno Miles: 5.17
Total Distance

I put 6 hours of sleep...that's the time I was laying in bed, but I was up a lot last night.  I had a dream that all my hair fell out...I wonder what that means?

I've still got a lot of chest congestion, which is why my times are a little slower this week than last.  I made a concious effort to try and stay over the 8/mm today.  I knew I was low on energy.  My target was an 8:30 for the speed portions, so I was happy I managed what I did.

It's the same routine as last week...I read the directions wrong last week and did this week's run instead of a tempo run.  Oh well... 

Avg pace 9:27. 10:27, 8:10, 10:21 (1/2 mile jog), 8:16, 10:21, 9:35 (last .84)

50 o with 98% humidity 5:00-6:00 am

It was warmer today, but very, very, humid.  The mositure in the air was so thick I could see the water vapor particles floating around in my headlamp. I'm just so glad it wasn't raining.  As I was getting ready for work, I heard the rain start.  It's a crazy southern lightening storm/downpour.  Unless you've been in one, I can't explain just how bad it is.  The rain blows and comes down in buckets.  I'd never experienced anything like it until we moved here.  It's just crazy wet.


Mizuno Miles: 5.32
Total Distance

Working on getting enough sleep right now seems just as important as running.  The congestion just seems to linger.  The mucus busting medicine I'm taking works to help, but it's always still lingering in the background.

3 mile run.  My garmin was dead...so it was re-charging today while I ran.  My outdoor thermostat said 55o.  I'm not sure what the official temp was, but it was nice enough for shorts and a jacket.  The wind was blowing a lot, but it was a nice run morning.

Bleachers after school tonight.  I was wishing I'd brought my workout gear to work yesterday.  After school, it was 70o outside.  The rain had stopped, and other than being humid, it was just perfect weather.  It was still in the 60-70's  when the kids went out Christmas Caroling with their church group last night.  The weather is changing though, because tomorrow morning is supposed to be 25o

I'm glad I've got other plans tomorrow morning.  I'll be setting up the cultural hall for our ward x-mas party tomorrow morning at 5:30 am.  I'm thinking I'll pass on running before that.  I'll get some strength training hauling those tables around!

2.1 miles on the track/bleachers after school.

Mizuno Miles: 5.10
Total Distance

We put off our run for an hour to see if it would warm up at all.  At least we got above freezing- when we left home, it was 36 degrees. 

We ran a 6 mile loop.  I went twice.  Mr. finished one and started the other.  I think he did around 8.5 total.  It was cold, but even the cold was better than the hot, humid heat.

I went easy because I was still congested.  I think I averaged a 10 mm.  We stopped occasionally to stretch and get fresh tissues.  A good run for a crummy day.

Mizuno Miles: 12.00
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Total Distance

I am looking forward to winter break, and not having to wake up so early.

On a happy note, I felt much less congested today.  I hope this is the beginning of the end of this cold.

Foggy outside this morning.  A little chilly...44o with 98% humidity.  There was so much vapor/fog in the air, it was hard to see with my headlamp.  The particles in the air were so thick...it was like trying to drive in the fog with high-brights on.

Started slow with a 10+ mm, then gradually increased speed.  Mile 5 was a 9:14. 

After, strength training physical therapy stuff.

Mizuno Miles: 5.10
Total Distance

This morning was warm...54o with 98% humidity.  I had to take my sweatshirt off after a mile.  It will cool off after today, and be colder for the week-end.

3 miles today.  9:38, 8:30, 8:15 paces.  The congestion's back...it can't seem to make up it's mind if it's coming or going.  I feel like my energy level is fine, so I don't mind the congestion as much.

I'll be doing some bleachers after school.  I'll try for 2 miles.  My holiday to do list is growing, even though I'm crossing stuff off every day....    I'm sinking in the holiday spirit!

However, I did have a very special holiday miracle yesterday.  I went to the little post office in town after work, and expected to wait in line for a LONG time, since it was the busiest day of the year at the post office.  And, tender mercies, there was no one else there but me!  I went straight to the cashier.  It was beautiful!

2 miles on the bleachers/track after school.  I tried pushing and increasing my pace on the runs between bleachers.  It was 22 minutes of work, but it felt like more.

Mizuno Miles: 5.00
Total Distance

I typed comments in here yesterday,  but they're gone now.  Darn.

Yesterday was 41o and I had a tempo run.  5 miles total.  the middle three miles were supposed to be at a 9mm pace, but I wanted to try faster.  If I remember correctly, the paces were around 8:30, 8:20, 8:11.


Mizuno Miles: 5.20
Total Distance

When I woke up this morning, the radio alarm on my clock had been on for 8 minutes before it woke me up.  I was sleeping right through it.  I guess I was tired.

4 mile run today.  I started slow and sped up.  I got a little hitch in my hip at the end of mile 3, so I stopped, stretched it, and slowed down a little for the last mile.  Miles 2,3,4 were all between 9 and 8:30 paces.  Mile was was around a 9:15 pace.

29o with 80% humidity.   I guess it cooled off.

Not looking forward to Saturday's long run.  It's 14 miles, but the forecast is for rain in the am with temps below freezing, then maybe cooler and snow in the pm.  I might chicken out and run at the gym on base.  I haven't been on a treadmill in 1 1/2 years, so it would be a change.

Mizuno Miles: 6.50
Total Distance

20 min easy elliptical

rain and cold almost all day

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Total Distance

I was thrilled to see that it wasn't raining this morning.  So glad the weather forecast was wrong.  It was around 37 degrees the whole 2 hours we were running (1130-130).  Humidity was super low for us, 74 at the start and 64% at the end.

 It had stopped raining by 1:30 this morning.  It all went up north, and in Maryland at our old house, they're having record snow of about 2 feet today.  They even shut down the DC Metro.  They're not prepared for weather like that in DC.  I feel bad for people up there, but I was glad I didn't have any of it here today while I was running.

 My first 9 miles were between 9:30 and 9:45 m/m paces.  The last 5 miles I was able to pick up the speed.  My last 2 miles were 8:45 and 8:32.  So I got the negative split run in on my long run...and that doesn't usually happen. 

Good run, dry weather.  Another Christmas miracle.


Mizuno Miles: 14.00
Total Distance

I got to sleep in and run in the sunlight!  Happy day!!  Ran from 11-12 in the am.

44o-42% humidity at the start,  47o-38% humidity at the end.  I actually ended up taking off my jacket after 4 miles and ran in just a shirt for the last two.

The first few miles felt really slow and hard.  My times were okay, but it felt like I was running an 11m/m pace.  Maybe tired legs, or maybe just all the junk I've eaten the last 5 days catching up with me.  I did my strength training before running.  Maybe that made a difference. 

After 4 miles, things got easier and I felt like I found my groove. 

Paces were 9:39, 9:15, 9:24, 9:22, 9:07, 8:46, 8:25(for the last .5)


Mizuno Miles: 6.50
Total Distance

4 was all I could do because of side aches


Mizuno Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance

had a 6 mile tempo to run today.  actually only 4 were "tempo" pace, the other 2 were warm-up/cool down.

I had to stretch after mile 1 because of side aches again.  Not sure what's up with those pains this week.  Stretched again after mile 5.  I felt good, so I kept running another 2 miles.  Paces were good.  

went out earlier today.  It was still below freezing.  paces were 9:41, 8:40, 8:40, 8:28, 8:30, 8:51, 8:46, 8:45.  It was freezing, but the sun was out and it was beautiful.

Mizuno Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

easy  slow 8 miles today.

I got to put on my trail shoes and run on the trails today.  It's been a long time since I've been out on the hilly dirt/sand trails.  Since I ran 8 yesterday for my tempo run, I decided to just run slow and easy today.  I eventually shut the "speed up" beeper off.  I just wanted to run what felt good, not any certain pace.  Funny thing was, after I shut it off, my pace increase anyway. I had a good mile warm up before I got to the trail because I had to turn around and go back to lock my car.  I realized I'd left it unlocked when I'd run almost .5 miles to the trail head.  I guess I'm just glad I remembered at all.

Slow and easy, really enjoyed the scenery and being outdoors in the sunshine.  It was a little chilly, but by mile 4, I was taking off one of the jackets because 2 was too warm.  It was around mile 4.5 that I realized this week I've fallen in love with running again.  It's easier to love when it's not 5 am in the dark morning hours.

 paces were 10:06, 9:48, 9:53, 9:41, 9:28, 10:14, 9:29, 9:18, 9:25 (last .16)   The 10:14 was slower because I was checking a text message, calling on my phone, and turning the beeping watch off.  On the road, those aren't big deals, but on the trail today, I really had to slow down while I was distracted by technology, so it didn't try and kill me.

Our plan was to go to the Thai Pepper for lunch after the run & some shopping.  I was imagining a huge pile of Pad Thai on my plate while I was running.  It was such a vision of happiness.  Needless to say, I was very put-out when we pulled into the restaurant parking lot and saw the sign that read "Closed for the Holidays until January 3rd."   REALLY??????

 Anger was the emotion for the next few minutes.  Then I decided that for my consolation prize, I'd treat myself to an egg nog shake.  Totally a calorie bomb that I normally wouldn't entertain.  But I deserved it!  We drove to the shake shop and after Mr. ordered his corn dog, he ordered my shake, and wouldn't you know it, they were out of egg nog shake.  On Christmas Eve!!  Out!!!!   What the ****?????  

 I had to come home and melt a 2 pound bag of chocolate chips and mix it with anything I could find laying around the house.  We had peanut clusters, almond clusters, peanut and almond with cranberry clusters, and other variations with pretzels, popcorn, coconut, and marshmallows.  Mmmmm.......   It wasn't Pad Thai, but in the morning, the bathroom scale won't know the difference :-)

 Did I mention that I've fallen in love with running again?  I'm looking forward to going and getting some new running shoes in Raleigh this week-end.  I just know they're going to be fast!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!  Happy (running) Trails to all Y'all!

NB Trail Miles: 8.16
Total Distance

long run today.

Took a trip on the road less traveled.  Ran down the "busy" street, luckily traffic was light, so we were only in the grass occasionally.  Ran to Parkton, then back up along the railroad tracks on blackbridge rd.  Took a mile spoke off the road to add some miles, then crossed over the tracks and came back home.  That took us to mile 11.  Mr. ran 10.4 with me, then he walked home. 

I took a quick potty break and topped off my water before heading out for my last 5.  Ran the big loop down the "busy" street.  It was just over 5 miles, so I had a little walking time at the end.  I ran for a while after the 11 mile break before I realized I hadn't started my garmin back up.  So there is a little distance unaccounted for.  I'm pretty sure it's around .25 mile.

 Paces were between 9:30 and 10:15 for the first 10.  The last 5 I kept between 9:30 and 9:00.  I felt tired legs on the last 5.  I'm sure my poor diet was partially to blame.

Mizuno Miles: 16.20
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Total Distance

Beautiful weather.  Went for a 2 mile walk around the hood.

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Total Distance

The training plan said this was my "easy" week, but I guess that's my effort, not my distance today.  It said to run 7 miles.  Since the loop I run is 4 miles, I just made it 8 miles.

Drove to Raleigh to go to fleet feet!!!  Yeah!!!  And super bonus, the Whole Foods store right next door :-)

They only had one pair of my shoes in stock, so I grabbed them and some new gloves that actually warm up when they get moist.  Since I sweat so much, it'll be fun to get warm fingers in the middle of my cold morning runs.  I've never paid $20 for gloves before, but if they do what they promise, then it will be worth every penny.

We got three delicious new types of cheese to try.  That's our indulgence from Whole Foods.  I had to laugh when the girl at the cheese counter told us about her "gateway cheese" that she had that led her into the yummy world of loving cheese.  

We went to eat at a little joint called Chubby's Taco's.  I had a tilapia taco.  It was delicious.  The highlight of the meal was the dulche de leche quesedilla(?sp?) we had for dessert.  Yowzers, that stuff is sticky sweet. 

I'm feeling a little twinge in my groin and knee.  I'm hoping the new shoes will help.  I know I need to work on that physical therapy/strengthening stuff more too.  I've slacked off so much since the marathon.


Mizuno Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

The twinge in my groin is still there.  It was exactly this time last year that I had a little twinge, and I pushed it and ran on it, and ended up "broken" for 6 weeks.  I do not want to re-visit that land, so I'm taking a little break on my rest week for training.  

I did my physical therapy/strength training twice today, and I did an hour of exercises on the new wii fit plus.  

 I'm hoping that when I do run again, having my new shoes will help with the knee and groin.  I guess they won't hurt it.

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Total Distance

Taking a second rest day.  I'll probably try and run my 7 easy tomorrow instead of today.  I want to give my groin another day to "chill."  

Yesterday I found the Shred dvd that Carolyn uses.  So this morning, after battling with technology and trying to figure out how to get dvd remote controls to work, I finally got the video up.  I did the shred level one, and wow, my arms are feeling like shaky, jiggly, jell-o.   But I enjoyed the workout.  I can't believe that Carolyn does it after her morning runs every day.  What a workout that would be!

Total Distance

I need to add another shoe in there...my first day out in my new Mizunos.  They were great.

Things held up well, and I took another new route.  It was just an out and back, but on a new road that went off somewhere I hadn't been before.

I did get a little worried at one point.  I stopped to get directions straightened out for a minute, and as I was jogging in place, a couple of turkey vultures came running down the road toward me.  I must have looked like I was ready to die!  I grabbed my pepper spray and was ready to fire, but as I started running again toward them, they took off into the field.

I had to laugh at how it must have looked.  Then I got thinking about pepper spray on turkey vultures, and it made me think of KFC's new fire (spicy) grilled chicken.  I wonder if it's any good?

More stretching and physical therapy/strengthening today.  Had to take a day off before I try the shred video again.  Everything on me is sore, especially my arms and anything that is attached to them.  It will do me good to keep at the video. 

Happy New Year to everyone.  Hope it's good and filled with many beautiful miles.

New-zuno 9's Miles: 7.75
Total Distance
Mizuno Miles: 127.44NB Trail Miles: 8.16New-zuno 9's Miles: 7.75
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