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St George Half Marathon

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Hope Mills,NC,USA

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May 12, 2009



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78.6 miles at Hinson Lake 24 hour ultra 2013

Short-Term Running Goals:

Mike to Mike Marathon- May 2014

Hinson Lake 24 hour ultra -Fall 2014

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run till the day I die and still enjoy it

Comrades---long, long, long term



2 children

2 chickens


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Dreamy New Balance Miles: 82.00
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I wanted to set a new years resolution.  Just kidding.  But I do want to get back to running regularly.  I feel like I need some running fiber to keep me regular.

Monday-Friday - I didn't do anything.  I drove around Las Vegas, made three more trips to the airport, and drove to Pahrump.

Ran (with a little walking) with MR for 4.7 miles.  Felt great to be running again.  Glad the weather is warming up.

Dreamy New Balance Miles: 4.70
Total Distance

Sunday - went for a walk with MR.  Just a couple of miles before church.  I think 11:00 is my favorite church meeting time.

Ran a couple of different days in Pahrump this week.  Total 10.5 miles.

Dreamy New Balance Miles: 10.50
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Total Distance

Monday - ran 6.5 miles with MR in the 'rump.  We had to stop and walk a few times because I am still fighting a chest cold.  Hope things improve for the weekend.

Tuesday - ran 6.5 miles while MR rode the bike.  I ran the whole time without needing to stop- a huge improvement over yesterday.

Thursday - ran 4.25  in Vegas with MR on a paved wash trail.  Went slow because I didn't want to over do it before the run on Saturday.  It was a nice run out but when we turned around I realized we had been running downhill the whole first half and we had an uphill run ahead of us.  Nice to not have to run on the roads though.  City living at its finest.

Dreamy New Balance Miles: 17.25
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Race: St George Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 02:07:00
Total Distance

I really wasn't ready for this race, but I had a chance to get a last minute registration and knew I would be able to see RAD, so why not?

My goal was 10:00 pace- to finish in 2:10.  I had a good strong start trying to catch up to the 2:10 pace group and I let the momentum take me on.  After the downhill mile, my pace slowed down considerably but I was able to finish with a 9:42 pace (according to my garmin).  I haven't checked the official time yet.

When I knew I was close to a 9:40 pace, I really wanted to go faster than 9:40 because I needed to show Burt I was really a winner.  I guess we know who the real winner is, but I'm not admitting defeat yet.

Great time with RAD and crew- we enjoyed lunch, visiting snow canyon, donuts, and pizza.... oh yeah- ice cream shakes too.  Looking forward to more runs out here in the west.

Dreamy New Balance Miles: 13.30
Total Distance

Sunday - went for a walk with MR.  Quads are sore from the weekend.

Monday - nope

Tuesday - ran 4.5 with MR on the wash trail.  My quads are not happy with me.  Slow run, but it felt good to run again after a couple days off.

Wednesday - ran 4.35 miles in the hood- made it down every street and cul-de-sac.  Not a bad run, and pretty flat.

Thursday & Friday - my quad was feeling wonky so I took a couple days off to try and appease the running Gods. Registered for the Dogtown 1/2 marathon in February.  My quad didn't start hurting till after I registered.  Isn't that just convenient?

Saturday - 6 miles in the 'Rump.  It was between 69-64 degrees and beautiful out.  Short and tee in January?  I love this place.  Went slow- needed to run but didn't want my quads to be unappy with me.  Had my water boy with me so it was extra nice.

goal for next week: more miles.  Hopefully around 20.  Build slow and steady.

Dreamy New Balance Miles: 14.85
Total Distance

Tuesday - 6.5 miles in Laughlin along the Colorado River.  This running path is getting easier for me.  4th time is a charm!

Thursday - 4.4 miles in North Las Vegas with MR.

Saturday - 10.5 met a couple of ladies from a running group to run with.  They are certainly faster than me.  I was struggling and sucking wind the last 4 miles.  Wind that was blowing in my face that must have been at least 40 mph.  Or at least it felt that way.  Hopefully they let me run with them again- I think it would really improve my game having to push myself a little more often.  And I will remember in the future to ask how far we are running before we start- rather than finding out at mile 5 that we were only half way done.  I was just so happy to have someone to run with that I didn't think about how far....

Dreamy New Balance Miles: 21.40
Total Distance
Dreamy New Balance Miles: 82.00
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